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How to Uninstall AVG Software

It is important for you to have the best protection for your PC, especially if you use the internet. The need for protection arises because there are several threats. As the number of internet users grows, so does the number of threats. It is why you must have a registered and a full version of antivirus software such as AVG. AVG provides excellent protection and security features for your PC and operating system. But sometimes a few technical issues may arise which require uninstallation of the software. You may know that installation of antivirus software is easy, but uninstallation is not so easy at all. There are various technical problems and errors which arise at the time of removing the software which may hinder the PC performance. It is why you must seek help from us at Helponline to know how to uninstall AVG software properly without creating any problems with the PC. So, if you face technical issues and need help to remove the AVG from your system, call us. We are here to help and provide you the assistance in removing the software from your PC.

How to Uninstall AVG Software
The uninstallation of AVG software quite easy. Here are a few general steps which you may follow and remove the software from your computer.
• One of the easy ways is to use the control panel in your system to remove the software. The steps are easy and it will automatically remove the AVG from your system. But a few times it does not work.
• In that case, you first need to close the AVG or exit the AVG process from the task manager. (You can open task manager by using ctrl+Alt+del keys). Then from the process tab, exit all AVG processes, even the toolbars that you have installed. Then again uninstall it from the control panel. It will work this time.
• If that even doesn’t work, you can use the AVG remover from the software itself.
• Click Continue on AVG remover.
• Then it will give you options what you want to remove.
• Select the features that you want to remove and click remove.
• Restart and it is all done

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