How to install AVG antivirus

In the world of today, it is vital to protect your PC. With so much interaction, social media, torrents and illegal downloads and especially the ads on various websites, it is important to protect the PC from outside threats. There are so many antivirus programs on the web, but not many of them are reliable and offer 100% security. AVG is the best possible solution for you to protect your PC not only from viruses but also from online threats. It is why you must know how to install AVG antivirus. AVG has not only the PC protection features but various other options such as internet security, safe surf, PC tune-up capabilities, A VPN, web tune-up capabilities, and also support for multiple devices with a single account. So, it is time to get the AVG antivirus now and also take help and get the customer care services from Helponline.

How to install AVG antivirus

The installation of AVG is not a big problem at all. If you have an internet connection, it is easy to download and install the AVG antivirus. Following is the procedure to install the AVG software for free and also how to get the full version by activating it online.
• The first step is to visit the AVG website. When you visit the site you will get a lot of options. You can click on the AVG free and it will start downloading the executable file.
• Once the file is downloaded, run it to begin the installation process.
• Click on next and then it will bring you to the acceptance notice. Click “accept” and then click “accept” on the AVG license agreement.
• The installation will begin
• It will then ask you to choose standard or custom installation. Choose any you like and click next.
• If you downloaded the AVG free file in the first step, it will not ask for the activation, if you got the full version then you need to provide the license number and click next.
• The process will be complete.

AVG Softwarehelp line Number +1-800-981-5864

If there are still issues and problems that you need help with then call us at the AVG helpline number +1-800-981-5864. We will provide you assistance in not only installation of the antivirus program but also set up various other features.
How do we help?
We provide guaranteed 24/7 AVG software help online. We make sure that when you call us, we listen to what you say. Our agents who provide assistance via calls listen to the issue and identify the problem and then provide you a reliable and an effective solution. No matter it is the issue related to installation or activation, we provide it all.
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If you want to know how to install AVG antivirus, we will provide you a proper guide. Call us and talk to our online customer care agent. He will give you the details and tell you step by step process to install the antivirus. He will not only provide information on installation steps but also guide you on future issues that may arise after installation. It is why we are the best.
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AVG antivirus is one of the most reliable antivirus programs available on the web. You should have it on your PC for better and secure protection. If you need help installing it or with any other issue related to AVG, call us at +1-800-981-5864. Our services are 24/7. We take your problems personally and your satisfaction is our success.